The past three days...

As promised, here is what we have been up to for the past few days. A friend of mine has been blogging about how she started drinking 'green smoothies' in the morning. Basically it's a bunch of fruit mixed in with some spinach. Since this pregnancy has been tough and I've been pretty nauseous I decided to go for it. Usually the nausea kicks in when I haven't eaten recently and since she just sips on it all morning, I figured, why not. So, my wonderful husband and I made them for breakfast on Sunday morning.

While the idea is wonderful and super healthy, apparently this baby did not like it. At all. Oh well, better luck next time!

Monday, my husband and I met up with some friends out here for a golf outing. We played 18 holes at Klipper Golf Course, and let me say, the view from holes 13, 14, and 15 is amazing. Well worth the trip!

We thought this sign pretty funny. However, right after this my husband accidentally sliced a ball right into the ocean and I managed to nail a bird (the ones in the picture above) and probably kill it. As our friend Dwayne said, I got a true birdie!
Well, our little BP has turned into a little climbing monkey. As you can see, on Tuesday we managed to catch him in the act of climbing out of his crib. Mostly he just climbs out of his and over into his brothers, but because of this we had to completely child proof the room. Before anyone wonders why it wasn't childproof before, they never played in their room. They always play out in the living room where I can see them, but now that he can go 'play' whenever he wants to get out of his crib, the room needed some updates!


Annie said...

Haha, I like their picture, One boy is trying to go way.

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