Boys and their boots...

On New Years Eve, my husband, the boys, and I headed out to Walmart with the hopes of using a gift card given to us by my brother to by a few things: golf balls, Ipod connector, a purse for me, etc. While the boots were not on our list, once we tried them on LT, we knew we loved them. I mean, what boy doesn't need a good pair of boots. So this morning, we tried the boots on both the boys and let them wander around. They absolutely LOVE their boots! So much so, that now, they actually try to put the boots on them themselves! A definite step up from constantly taking off their sandals!

LT and BP in their new boots!




Annie said...

They are so cute.

Have a nice week.

Courtney said...

I love them!!! everyone needs a pair of boots!! now they need some cowboy hats!! they will fit in great in nashville!

Kelly said...

Adorable boots, I hope the pregnancy gets better for you.

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