Happy New Year!

This year for the new year, I'm going to start doing something a little different. My goal is to take a picture a day of our life to hopefully better chronicle what goes on in our day to day life. Not saying I'm going to post a picture everyday, because life gets busy and I don't always have a chance to post, but if I miss a few days, I'll do a post with those days all together (hopefully that makes sense). So a few for today:

BP and LT playing in the sand



This morning we decided to take the boys over to the Waianae cost for some fun in the sun. Neither my husband or I had been to this particular beach, and it was OK. The one we went to was an Army beach and it was a little steep and the current a bit strong to bring the boys out in the ocean, but they LOVED playing in the sand. After about an hour my husband realized if he dug a really big hole in the sand, the boys would play in it. And they went nuts playing in it! It was great!


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Happy New Year!!!

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