2009 in Review

Jan 2009, the boys finally began to put on weight. It was such a blessing to see them in the double digits and to grow so much. Their personalities really began to shine and they began to become mobile!

February brought many travels, but the final was definitely the furthest we'd gone with the twins! All the way down to Florida we drove, but first we visited some dear friends from the NICU at Tripler (they had relocated to Tennessee).

The trip to Florida was the boys first, and they loved walking along the beach with Mama and Nanny Liz. Perhaps it reminded them of their birth place, Hawaii, or maybe they just enjoyed getting away from the cold for a bit!

April brought my husband home, if only for a brief time. We loved the two weeks that we got and drove all over the Midwest visiting people and getting away as a family. While we loved seeing everyone, the time up at the North Shore in Minnesota was probably our favorite. It was great to reconnect as a family and spend time together.

In May we took several trips, first to visit Auntie Jazzy in Wisconsin! Another first for the boys, as they had never been to Wisconsin! They had a blast destroying Jazzy's apartment, taking down every possible book out of the bookshelf and left oatmeal everywhere. But, the time was awesome. At the end of May, we drove up back to Minnesota to spend the rest of our time on the mainland with family up there.
June brought the boys 1st birthday and boy did they have fun! Family and friends came and celebrated with us and we celebrated Hawaiian style! The boys dived into their first birthday cake and loved spending time with family and all the wonderful gifts!

July was spent enjoying time with the grandparents. Staying at my parents house gave them a wonderful chance to bond with the boys that they otherwise would not have had. They especially loved feeding them breakfast and sharing fruit Popsicles with them!
In August we made the LONG trek back to Hawaii. Thanks to Uncle Erik, I had tons of help on the flight, and Auntie Jazzy met us in Hawaii and helped us with the rest of the transition. The boys quickly adjusted to warm temperature and life on the beach!
After staying with Jessica and family, in September we finally got a place of our own! We cleared out our huge storage locker that had been full to the brim and eagerly awaited the return of my husband. Unfortunately this month the boys were also plagued by a terrible cold that was very difficult to beat. Finally, in late September we had some relief, and the boys enjoyed the rest of the month adjusting to their new home!
October was probably my favorite month, as my husband finally returned home. The long awaited return was early in the month and for the rest of the month we spent time as a family going to the beach, taking walks, and readjusting to life together.

While October was by far the best, November was a close second! We celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary together for the first time (last year he was deployed). We also took a trip over to Japan to visit my brother in-law and his wife, whom we hadn't seen since their wedding almost two years ago. But by far the most exciting part was finding out that we are expecting #3 and are due in July!

December was a bit of a whirlwind as we adjusted to life with both my husband and I taking classes, while he is working full time, and I am taking care of the boys and house. His mom also came out for a visit and the boys loved spending time with her and touring around Hawaii with her.

And that is our year in review! Happy New Years everyone; we can't wait to see what 2010 brings!


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What a great year. Great pictures.

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