This past week we started the kiddos in speech therapy. Since they were born a little early (2 months) and suffered from hyperbilirubimia, the doctors have always closely monitored their development. If they seemed even slightly behind in anything, the plan was to refer us to an early intervention program. Although they have been developing awesomely, their speech seemed to lag behind a bit. This was confirmed a few weeks ago by a speech therapist...thankfully though we qualified for an early intervention program (for free!) and the kids started the therapy this past week. They aren't that far behind (they lag about 2 months behind their gestational age), but rather than wait and see if they would catch up, the program started us right away. And the results have been awesome...they are picking up new words left and right! It's like something just clicked in the last few weeks and they are jabbering away! 3 weeks ago BP would hardly say anything, and it definitely wasn't coherent...now he can say Dada, Mama, Bible, bye-bye, and I love you (though this last one is a bit slurred). And LT is actually ahead of BP by a bit too! Part of this new burst in vocabulary I think is due to BP's new love of books. He will literally just grab a book, sit down and look at it for a long time (in baby time) before getting bored! This gives us plenty of opportunities to point out new words to him and share them with him! It's GREAT!

The Twins looking at some books


Annie said...

My girls had speech therapy and I'm so glad for it. The most important thing is that parents reinforce the work the therapist do with them.

Have a nice weekend.

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