With the boys birthday coming up on Saturday, I thought I'd devote the next two posts solely to them, with LT being first since he was born first.

LT, my big man, I can hardly believe you are already turning two. I will forever remember the day you were born and how tiny you were. Now you still are a little peanut, but you have definitely grown and changed! This past year has been so exciting to watch you explore your world. You love playing with duplos, reading books, and chasing your brother around. When you turned one you were just learning how to walk with help, now you take off in every direction and explore things on your own! You are a sweet little man, who loves to spend time cuddling up next to Mama reading books, but you also love to explore.

Last year at this time we were still living with Grandma and Grandpa, and boy did you love it! Especially the fruit Popsicles Grandpa would give you! But come August we started to prepare for a pretty major change as we moved across the country (and part way across the ocean!) to Hawaii. A few days before we moved, you started walking! And by the time we moved, you were running (which made the airport interesting for Mama and Uncle Erik). Our move to Hawaii was exciting, especially because what you didn't know was that Daddy would be coming home soon. We had TONS of fun in Hawaii, playing on the beaches, talking walks, going to parks, visiting friends, and just enjoying the warm weather. It was even better when Daddy came home to join us!

In November we made another LONG trip from Hawaii to Japan to see Uncle Joe and Auntie Benja. Boy did you guys love playing with them! It was tons of fun to play at a new apartment, in new parks, and try new food. You did pretty awesome too on the flights, especially considering what we flew in!
Unfortunately through most of this time you were on and off again sick with pneumonia and ear infections. It was a tough time watching you begin to get sick, knowing that you probably wouldn't be able to fight it off on your own. After several bouts with pneumonia, you landed in the hospital for a week, but the trooper that you are, you rarely fussed, and generally you were a happy little guy, even in there!

After the stay in the hospital we said goodbye to those we loved in Hawaii and headed back to Minnesota for a bit before the long road trip to our new home. I was amazed at how well you did on the flights and continue to be amazed at how well you travel. You have probably traveled more in 2 years than what most people do in a lifetime. Minnesota was a wonderful time of reconnecting with family, but eventually it had to end and we had to make the long drive to our new home. You've settled in quite nicely into our new place. You seem to love the weather and don't mind the bugs too much (unlike Mama). You love that you have a backyard to play in and a swing set to go with it!

LT, we love you very much and are excited to see what God will do in your life. You are such a little trooper and you amaze us daily.


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Can believe it, two years old, wow.

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