Although their birthday has come and gone, here is the post dedicated to BP (no the baby hasn't come yet, just very busy this past weekend!).
BP, you are such an amazing little trooper. You are incredibly fearless, outgoing, and just a lot of fun! This time last year we were living with Grandma and Grandpa and you absolutely LOVED it! You especially bonded with Grandpa as he would regularly feed you breakfast and fruit bars. Near the end of our time there you started to walk, just a few days after your brother!

After our fun summer in Minnesota we headed off to Hawaii, which suited you just fine. You have always been a water baby, and being close to the water was perfect for you. Mama had to keep a close eye on you though or you'd go running into the waves, no matter their size or strength!

You have always loved your Daddy, and this was especially evident as you quickly bonded with him when he came home. I think part of it is you both share a lack of fear that sends your Mama's heart racing! After Daddy came home we took a brief trip over to Japan to visit your Uncle Joe. It was your first time meeting him, and he amazingly guessed who was who correctly on the first try! The one memory that sticks out of you from that trip was watching you dance around Uncle Joe and Auntie Benja's apartment! You were adorable!

Unfortunately you also struggled quite a bit staying healthy while we were in Hawaii. Thankfully though you had a pediatrician who really cared about you and was always doing everything he could to get you back to healthy!
After moving out of Hawaii, we spent some time in Minnesota. You did not like the snow. I think at first you thought it was like the sand on the beaches, nice and warm, but once you realized how cold it was, you hated it! Good thing we didn't stay too long there!

You are also an amazing little traveler, spending almost three full days in the car as we moved across the country. You love your new home (especially the water table in the backyard!) and have adjusted well to life out here.

BP, we love you so much and can't wait to see what the Lord will do in your life. You are an amazing little man, tough, strong, and way too smart. Know wherever the Lord takes you, that we love you much!


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