Busyness...as usual!

Well, we are settling into our temporary place and now we have two computers again! We have a new wireless router though, so we are still working through the kinks of getting that set up, hence the lack of posting. We are all doing pretty well though!

But last week was a different story. Both boys got sick again and we visited our new doctor down here. And I really like her! We didn't have a choice with who we ended up with because we are still in the military system for another few months, but the Lord knew exactly who we needed to see and put us with her. After a thorough examination both boys were put on another round of antibiotics (for crackly lungs) and nebulizer treatments. In addition, BP got a shot of antibiotics and ear drops for his poor, very infected ears. She also put in for some labs to see if their immune system is working properly and to check if they have allergies. Turns out they do have allergies and their bodies aren't making a certain kind of antibody. The antibody that they are not making fights against a specific type of bacteria that often leads to ear infections, sinus infections, and pneumonia as well as other infections. It definitely makes the last year make a whole lot more sense now! Although we are still waiting on two tests to come back, the doctor is hopeful that this will be something they can grow out of in time. But, just to make sure she's sending us to see a specialist. Either way, we are confident that the Lord will continue to lead us through this as He has faithfully so far.

Baby #3 is growing daily! I can't believe how big she already is! On Monday we will be 24 weeks, which to me is a bit mind blowing. The boys were born at 32 weeks, so that puts a lot in perspective for me! Next visit to the doctor we get to do the dreaded glucose test. Yuck. Hopefully though this one will go better then last time and I won't have to do the three hour one!


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