A review of the past few days: the good, the bad, and the ugly!

Sorry for the delay in getting these up! Things have gotten pretty hectic around here as we are getting ready for the big move, taking classes, and raising the twins! This past week was somewhat exciting. It all started with a familiar friend to those who live in Hawaii. Part of why I was so excited to move into a second floor apartment was I knew that the number of 'friends' (ie insects) living with us would be far less than they were in our Waipahu house. In fact out there, we saw cockroaches and geckos daily. Below is the second one we have had in our apartment since we moved in back in September. Yes it's gross, but it's part of life out here!

We have started a new routine now at home, because my husband is back working full time and clearing the army. This means that he leaves for PT around 6 AM, comes back for a quick shower and breakfast, and then leaves until 5 PM when he makes his way home. Because that really shortens his time with the boys, he makes sure he plays with them in the time between getting home and dinner. They love it!

They also love it when they hear Dada call me on my cell. He has a special ringer and a few days ago I caught them in the act of dancing to it. It's adorable.

This past Saturday we headed off to my new favorite beach park. We had never been there before, but a while back we almost accidentally stumbled upon it (we were just a few hundred meters away). But, we loved the beach we stumbled upon and figured that the beach park would be a great place for a picnic with some friends. LT and Gracia loved running around holding hands!

While BP loved playing in the ocean. This kid is seriously fearless (no worries, we never actually let him go on his own!) .

We walk down to church in the morning (thankfully it's close enough that we can walk) and then walk back after the service is over. During the boys afternoon nap my husband is typically researching something or responding to e-mails while I take a much needed nap! After nap time though, the fun begins! The boys especially love jumping up and down on my husbands legs (I couldn't quite get the picture in motion).

As my husband and the boys continue to bond, they moved beyond the playpen and into the laundry basket! I thought it was adorable!

Today was a busy busy day as we are getting some stuff ready for the move and just finishing up with the boys health care needs at Tripler. But when we got home the boys were super sweet with each other and I managed to shoot this quick, but cute picture of them playing together!


Annie said...

Busy days but there is always time for some fun. Love the pictures of the kids, as always, God bless them.

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