Swinging Babies

While we were hanging out at Kadena Air Force Base in Okinawa, Japan, we had the pleasure of taking the boys to Tinsel Town. Tinsel Town is a yearly event on the base, where groups get together and have booths with crafts and games in order to raise money. The theme is obviously, Christmas. In addition to the neat crafts and games, there is also a small kiddie play land. I knew that the boys would LOVE riding the train and bouncing in the bouncy houses. I never dreamed they'd be old enough (well, big enough) to ride the swings. But, they were, and boy did the have fun!

BP (in blue) and LT (in red) enjoying the swings. BTW LT is laughing not crying in this picture. The great thing about these rides was that if the kiddos cried, the ride was stopped and the kid given back to their parents. But, our kids loved it and laughed and laughed during the rid.


Kelly said...

I always wondered if my kids would like this kind of ride. Looks like the boys loved it!!

Annie said...

Looks like they had lots of fun!!!!!

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