Happily Home

Home. We finally made it back this morning at 10 AM Hawaii time. We were happily surprised that the crew of the plane we took back (a C-17) decided to take 52 Space Available Passengers! Since the previous crew took no passengers, there was a huge backlog of people trying to get out of Okinawa, but thankfully that crew managed to clear out the whole wait list! So, thanks to our crew, you made so many people happy!

The boys, as usual, did great on the trip. Since it is a C-17, it's a little different then flying commercial, but we were able to secure their strollers in place and let them sleep in those! And sleep they did, for 7-8 hours of the 10 hour flight! Hopefully they'll rock like that when we head back to the mainland in a few months....


Annie said...

Thanks God, everyone is safe.

Try to rest.

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