Way back Wednesday

These pictures don't quite go way back (our family started in November 2007), but this first one is during our first year as husband and wife. Anyone who knows my husband knows he LOVES adventure, whether that be climbing mountains, spearfishing, or backpacking in Alaska, you name it, he'd probably do it (or at least consider it!). This picture was taken on the west side of Oahu, as we attempted to climb one of the highest peaks on Oahu. We never did make it, as the trail became more and more narrow (like 1000 foot drops on BOTH sides of you), and Angel (who was hiking with us) and I decided that we were done. Eventually my husband talked a friend into doing the hike with him, and they did make it, but this is one of my favorite pictures from our first year. We were only about 1/2 way up at this point.

This next picture is of the boys taken in November 2008 (they would have been about 5 months old and weighed about 10 lbs). Although I don't normally dress the boys identical, I loved these outfits because they looked just like Daddy in them!


Anonymous said...

I love looking back through pictures. It's fun to relive memories weve made and places weve been. Your children are precious! I love the camo too! My husband is Army. Have a blessed week!

Annie said...

I like old pictures.

The boys look so cute with that outfits. God bless them. And both of you are a beautiful couple.

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