Quick Trip to the Doctor!

Last night BP started developing a small fever, which by itself wouldn't have concerned us, but since he has had a cold for the past week and coughing, we thought it would be best to bring him on in to the doctor. Even though we checked LT's temp before leaving for the doctor (and it was fine) by the time we got there, he also had a temp. I am so very grateful for our insurance and the ability to just walk in without worrying about a copay. Anyway, after a quick chest x-ray (on which they saw something might be developing, or it could just be a virus), they tried giving a breathing treatment to help with the wheezing. Thankfully the doc we saw today agreed that 10 days of being sick is not normal, but he thinks it's viral, which means there isn't much we can do. So, unfortunately we are going on with the same routine of watch and wait, and return if they aren't getting better in 2 days. Amazingly though, true to form, you would never know the kids were sick unless you saw their temps. They seriously are super kiddos, even the doc remarked on how happy BP was for having a fever of 101.9! Oh and they are checking for the normal stuff, RSV, flu, and H1N1 and we will have the results later today.


Annie said...

Hope the kids feels better soon. Not good being sick.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear the kids aren't feeling well. There seems to be so much sickness going around. I will pray that you and your family get well soon.

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