For those of you who follow my blog and thus see tons of 'updates' on it, I apologize. After a lot of thought and prayer, I decided to remove all family names from our blog. I started working on it today and have made it through the month of October, and still have a LONG ways to go! Instead of names, we are going with initials, hopefully nobody minds!

Alright, to the good stuff now. With the kiddos recovering these past few days, we've decided to take it 'easier' and have spent a lot of time at home. Yesterday we did go for an awesome, but short, hike not too far from our house. Part of why it was so great was that it had just rained so there were tons of waterfalls! Unfortunately we forgot the camera. Thankfully the boys are cute, even when the scenery isn't that great and my husband managed to get some great shots of them at the house. And yes both the boys are sitting in the corner by choice. I don't know what's up with that, but they love to find small spaces and crawl into them...must be from sharing a small space in the womb!

BP unsure if he wants to share with brother....

LT excitedly explaining something...what we aren't sure!


Annie said...

They are growing so fast. Adorable babies.

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