The Winner! And some sick babies...

Thanks to, the winner is Kelly from Two kids, a minivan, and a lot of love! Let me know where to send it to, and enjoy!

On a not so great note, we are on day 13 of being sick. It seems viral, but we've had some tough nights because of it. Thankfully there was only one night when both of the twins wanted to be held. It's been pretty frustrating though because the doctors keep saying that they will get healthy in a few days, and we are almost two weeks into it. Tomorrow will make visit number 3 for the twins to the doctor since this all started. This time though, it's because of the fluid coming out of their ears (not surprising because they had tubes put in). Yuck. In a way, it'd be nice if it were bacterial, because then there is a medication, but for now, we wait it out. So, if you think of us, please pray.

*Note* when I say 'we' I mean all 4 children currently living under this roof. Thankfully, only my two have drainage out of their ears.

And now, for a few pictures because it's been way too long...

LT enjoying himself driving around in Hawaii!