Moved and sick baby news

Well, it's official. We are moved into our new apartment! This is the 3rd time in under a year that we have moved, and it is perhaps the hardest move we have done. Hopefully no more moving for, say 6 months. Yeah, we will be on the road again then. To where, we don't know yet, but we will be moving.

The twins are doing fairly well. We visited the doctors again on Tuesday (it was our 3rd time in 2 weeks) and there was pus coming out of their ears. It was disgusting. In case you were wondering, that is normal for babies who have tubes put in, but what was not normal was the pneumonia that they found when they did a chest x-ray. Thankfully we have a very proactive doctor and the medication seems to be working! Please keep praying for them though; they still have pus coming out of their ears, though to a lesser extent now.

On a side note, the boys are extremely cute. They have now learned how to give kisses and love to give them to anyone in sight!

April 2009


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