Big Island!

We made it! We are finally on the Big Island and there is SO much we want to do. On the top of our list is playing in the waves, snorkeling, and swimming (obviously with the boys playing on the beach with one of us). But also some hiking, hopefully to the green sand beach, and visiting the volcano. Super excited about the upcoming days! We have definitely had some things go very wrong, but God has been gracious to us and has seen us through it all. It was great to reconnect with the family at WGBC and it's been wonderful to be with my brother and sister. And the boys are amazing little travelers! I can't believe how adaptable they are, but they still remind me that I need to mostly stick to their schedule (which I worked so hard to get them on months ago...)


Courtney said...

have fun on the big island!! i miss you guys!

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