We are on our last day of 'vacation' out here, but I put that in quotes because it has been VERY busy and slightly crazy. We traveled over to the Big Island for a few days, and then BP and I had a early return to Oahu, while the rest of the group followed the next day (when we were supposed to go back). See, BP had a little episode. We aren't sure what caused it, but on Saturday afternoon he got really quiet, so Jasmin walked over to see what was up. He was already turning blue. Erik swiped his mouth and they yelled for me (of course I was not in the room at the moment) and after a few hard pats on the back he started returning to his normal color. Since we weren't sure what caused this episode we took off for the doctor. They were super nice, but wanted to do an EEG to rule out a seizure and unfortunately they didn't have the ability to do so. So, they put us on a little plane and sent us back to Oahu. Thankfully he hasn't had any more episodes and we were discharged the following day. The best guess is that he refluxed a little bit of his lunch (he still spits up occasionally) and choked on that. Other then that though, he and the rest of us, are doing great! Today we move in with Jessica and her two boys and we are super excited about that. There will be 4 boys all 14 months or younger and two adults!

And because I don't normally post without a picture...Waimea Beach Park. One of my favorites!


Kelly said...

Beautiful picture!! I am glad he is okay from his episode.
Good luck with the 4 boy living arrangements...hehe! Sounds fun!

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