Not me Monday

Holy cow...can you believe another week has gone by? It has overall been a very good week. The boys had their ear surgery and flew through it. My husband was busy all week long and we had our second day of not being able to talk (which for 9 months of him being gone is pretty darn good), but I'm so glad he is able to help out and do what he does. Right now he is working with an NGO to get health care to the Iraqi kids. Check out the NGO's website at One of the common conditions is childhood glaucoma. It's something that can be fixed with surgery, but often the patients and their families don't have the money. It's so great to hear the good things going on out there and to know he gets to have a part in it.

Because of the ear tubes, we had a pretty laid back week. Lots of playing in the front yard and in our neighbors sandbox! We also made our weekly trip to Costco (it's very tempting to go there everyday because the boys love being able to look around) and I definitely did not splurge and buy the avacados and justify it by saying the boys would eat them. The boys definitely did not spit them out and start crying when I fed them avacado. And I definitely did not make up excuses to have guacamole the following days. No, why would I eat the food I buy for my kids?!?!

Soon the boys and I will move again (it'll be our 3rd move in one year) back near the base where my husband is stationed. But right now we are enjoying being close to all the grandparents, but especially close to mine (we live with them). So, on Saturday morning, when I heard my mom head into the boys room to get them up, I definitely did not think, hey if I wait here a few more minutes, maybe she'll change the diapers. So I definitely did not wait those few minutes. And was definitely not excited to have found out she did change the diapers...

Right before the boys and I moved home I decided I wanted to start training for something to get myself in shape. So I enlisted my mom's help and got her to agree to run with me on Saturdays. She is an avid runner. She started running years ago when she quit smoking to help her loose weight and keep from smoking. She is amazing. Anyway, I figured that running with her once a week would force me to run during the week. And it does! We've slowly been increasing our Saturday distance as I began to more seriously train for this. So, we did 10 miles tihs past weekend. And I definitely did not make her push the boys the entire way. I mean, I am younger, and they are my why would I make her push them! And she most definitely did not enjoy it (honestly, you get a lot of looks when you are a 50 year old woman pushing twins...)


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