Little LT

Little LT, my big baby and oldest boy. Looking back at your first year amazes me and sometimes brings tears to my eyes. You have been through so much, but you are so strong. Hard to believe at times, but you are one tough cookie. Since you were born, you have never wanted to miss out on anything. Always moving, looking around seeing what others are up to. But as a baby you were rarely fussy (except when lacking a pacifier or thumb) and almost always content.

Your first few months of life were BUSY...born in Hawaii, but shortly thereafter we moved to Missouri for a bit. You were amazing on the plane. I think a lot of people were afraid when they saw us board the plane, but there was hardly a peep out of you and your brother. You loved riding/sleeping in the car, looking at mirrors, and taking long walks. You started to watch things, especially Mama, and even began to try and roll over. You especially loved hanging with your head upside down (you still do).

Winter came and we ended up cooped up inside the house. Not a big deal for you though. You used that time to figure out how to crawl and explored the house. You also started to eat solid foods and really liked rice cereal and avocado. Although you briefly gave up the title as the biggest baby in the house, you quickly regained that!

These past few months your personality has really began to shine. You are a true and good older brother, constantly leading the way, yet content when brother lags behind. You are independent and very happy. You love to play with Mama, listen to music, explore new places, read books, and even play with brother now. You have taken a few, small, shaky steps, but still prefer to crawl, and occasionally utter the words 'mama' and 'dada' though I'm pretty sure you don't know what they mean. You eat anything and everything (hence why you are still bigger then brother). One of your favorite activities though is to 'talk' to Dada on the computer. You giggle and laugh when you see him and get very jealous when Mama puts you in the playpen so she can talk to him.
Little LT, it has been amazing to watch you grow this past year and we are so excited for the years to come. We love you so much and thank God for trusting you to us.

*BP's year summary to follow sometime in the next few days*


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