Big BP

Big BP, my little man. Wow, you have grown in so many ways. When you were first born, you immediately put us into prayer. After big brother was born, you decided it was nice in the womb by yourself and you didn't want to come out. The doctors had to restart contractions with medicine to try and get you out. When you were born, you came out in your sac and had a quick cry, but then you decided not to breath for a while. It was the scariest minute and a half of my life. Thankfully though, you started to cry and after a quick kiss from Mama, were transferred up to the NICU. Little did we know our adventures with you were just beginning. You struggled a lot in the NICU, at least compared to big brother, but after 6 weeks, you were strong enough and big enough to come home.

Your first few weeks at home were adventurous to say the least. You had several visitors, but thankfully Grandma and nanny Liz were there to help Mama when you came home. One of your favorite things to do was to head out to the beach and sleep in your car seat. You loved the sound of the waves and would happily fall asleep there.

You always grabbed attention, no matter where we went. You have a contagious smile and a cute laugh. Unfortunately you struggled to stay healthy and we ended up at the doctors a lot for ear infections. Thankfully that was it though and your first few months in Missouri were uneventful!

Summertime came and you love to be outside. You crawl everywhere and especially love the water. One of your favorite activities is to play in the pool. Every day you become more adventurous and follow big brothers lead in exploring new places. That being said, you are much more daring on certain things. You tried (and succeeded!) crawling first and walking along have Mama worried that you might walk any day.

BP, you are such a strong little man. You are adventurous, smiley, and love to laugh. You have been such a blessing in our lives and we are so excited to see what else is in store for us with you! We love you so much!