What we've been up to lately...

When I think what we have been up to lately, one word sticks out....growing....

This little man is growing leaps and bounds!  He is by far our biggest baby!  At his 4 month check-up he was 25.5 inches long and weighed just over 14 lbs!  He also rolls over, loves to giggle, smile, and play with his siblings!
 This sweet girl is growing too!  At 20 months her language skills impress me tons!  She jabbers away and actually makes sense (most of the time).  She also loves to try and keep up with her brothers, but is girly to the core.  She is so not like her Mommy in that respect...she loves wearing skirts and dresses and will get upset if I pick out an outfit that does not have pink in it! 
And these two little boys....they are definitely growing.  I cannot believe that they will be 4 soon!  How kind the Lord has been to us with them!  They are spunky, normal (well as normal as they can be, since they are a product of my husband and I!), energetic kids!  One thing that has really struck me is how protective they are not only of each other, but of their other siblings as well.  They really love each other and enjoy being around each other.

And my dear hubby and I....I thank the Lord for him and what He has brought the two of us through.  I cannot believe that 5 years ago on June 7th, we got engaged.  The Lord has been so kind and merciful to us in and through this marriage.  It amazes me to look back on these past 5 years and see His hand in it all.  I can't wait to see what the next 5 years will hold!


Kim and Steve said...

Congratulations on 5 years - we are celebrating 10 years on June 15!

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