My Sister's Wedding

Last month we piled our family into the minivan and took off on another long (4,000 miles) road trip. This time we went up north, first to Madison, Wisconsin, for my sister's wedding, then off to Minnesota to visit the rest of our family. Below are some pictures from the wedding. Doesn't she look beautiful? Congratulations big sis! Love ya!

Uncle Chris and Auntie Jazzy

The twins got to be the ring bearers in the wedding. They looked very handsome! BP is the one on the left (with his tongue on his nose) and LT on the right.

Sweet FJ waiting for the ceremony to start. She looked adorable in the dress Mrs. Christine borrowed to us!

The wedding party traveled in a trolley around town to take pictures before and to get from the church to the reception site after. The twins were exhausted from a busy day and knocked right out! PS - Can you tell I'm 35 weeks pregnant in this picture!?!

The weekend of the wedding just happened to be the deer hunting opener (a very big deal to the family), so Chris and Jazzy decided to work this into their reception. They had a toy gun and a blow up deer and instead of clinking glasses to make the couple kiss, you had to shoot the deer. If you hit it, they kissed, if not, you had to kiss your spouse! Here's BP trying it out (I think they gave him a freebie!).

And now LT with intense concentration!


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