Fj's Birthday

A few pictures from FJ's birthday party. Since her birthday was while we were on the road (we were in Vancouver, WA at a wedding) we decided to wait a bit and celebrate her birthday after we arrived in Minnesota so the grandparents could celebrate it with us! It was wonderful to be able to share this milestone with them! Our little bug turned one and Grandpa Tom and Grandma Ranja made her an awesome birthday cake. One of our family traditions is that the little ones get their own cake to "eat" on their first birthday (and ONLY on their first birthday). We love watching them make a mess out of it! So here she is digging in..
Not too certain about what's in front of her....

Digging in with the help of Grandma!

Right before she was done. She enjoyed the chocolate part the most!

They also made a scrumptious ladybug cake for the rest of us! Thanks Grandpa Tom and Grandma Ranja!


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