The Nursery

Alright, so here are the before and afters for the nursery. In reality, this was one of the easiest rooms to do, but it's still not completely done! We have a few things that are going to go up on her wall once she appears (any day now!), and we'd like to replace the windows, but besides that it's pretty much ready to go. In this room we repaired a few holes in the walls and floors, did a new coat of paint, put in a new closet door and a new door to the bedroom, replaced all of the trim, and refinished the floors. The closet also got a new organizer!



After (yes I still have some organizing to do!)




KimnSteve said...

Looks great! How exciting to have a little girl on the way!

Anonymous said...

You did a wonderful job! It looks lovely!!

Annie said...

Is beautiful, you did a great job.

PS: I'm returned yesterday from vacations so, catching on your posts.

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