The Disappearing Harmonica

Having twins, we have a lot of toys. And often these toys disappear. Normally, it's not a big deal to either me or hubby, and honestly the boys hardly notice. But, a few weeks ago my husband let the boys start playing with his old harmonicas. Thankfully, he had two of them because they absolutely LOVED them. Unfortunately one day we could only find one harmonica. We had no clue what happened to the other. Hubby was very disappointed (it was his favorite harmonica), but I assured him we'd find it somewhere in the house because our house just isn't that big. Well, today we think we know where it is and we aren't going to even attempt to retrieve it.

See, a while back we started potty training and the boys were doing pretty good with it. They would sit on the toilette, talk to themselves or each other and yell for us when they were done. Lately though, it's been a battle. They won't sit on the toilette or tell us when they have to go. Instead they just poop in their underwear and keep doing whatever they were doing. So, last night hubby and I were thinking of creative ways to keep them on the toilette and reward them for going on the toilette (keep in mind we avoid sweets as much as possible). Since we know how much they love the harmonica, we figured we'd let them play with it while on the toilette, just like adults sometimes read books. Well, this morning hubby had LT on the toilette and he was playing away, until we heard "uh-oh, harmonica!!". Turns out LT dropped it into the toilette. It was then that hubby remembered LT playing with his other (lost) harmonica on the toilette. So our assumption now is that the harmonica was flushed down the toilette. We hope we are wrong and it shows up in the house, but we're pretty sure it's a lost cause! As a result, there is no more harmonica playing on the toilette!


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