The Bathroom

Onto the next room in our house remodeling...the bathroom. Here are the pictures of the before and after of the bathroom. This was one of the most needy areas in the house. It was pretty much gutted (the only thing that remained was the tub after a huge scrub down and the water heater) and rebuilt.

There were some major plumbing issues in the bathroom, so the entire plumbing system there had to be redone. In addition to that the linoleum flooring was torn out, as was the one piece plastic around the tub and replaced with tile. The vanity, toilet, mirror, faucet, sink, light fixtures, and shower head were also all replaced. Lastly, the bathroom was painted a light blue.

We still need to change out the window into something that isn't see through, add a vent, and paint the storage space. Other then that though, it's where we'd like it to be!


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