Small Bump in the Road

Two weeks ago we had a routine ultrasound for Baby girl to check her spine (it was the only part of the anatomy they weren't able to get at the previous ultrasound), heart rate, and fluid levels. A few days later we received a call saying they'd like to check the fluid levels again at our next appointment because they were a little low. The nurse encouraged me to drink lots of water and hopefully we'd get the levels up by then. Yesterday we had our follow up and our fluid levels had dropped even lower. Thankfully they are not so low that we need to be hospitalized, but they are low enough that I've been put on bed rest at home and given steroid shots to mature her lungs just in case. Our next appointment is on Tuesday. I know that God controls every little detail and knew about this long before we did (and thankfully made it possible for us to know about it), so we ask that you all pray for us in this. We are 31 weeks right now and every day counts. Even though she'd be fine if she was born now, we'd rather not have to do another NICU stay. Thanks much for your prayers!


Annie said...

Oh dear, hope everything is fine. Praying for both and for not to stay at NICU.

Try to rest and drink lots of liquids plus is you like fruits eat them (remember that some fruits have liquid).

KimnSteve said...

Just said prayers for you, little girl, and the family. Hang in there!

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