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We have been busy, VERY BUSY, lately. But all with good things! We recently took a trip up to visit the grandparents in Minnesota for the weekend. It was definitely a whirlwind of a trip (about 48 hours from take off down here to take off up there), but good to see *almost* everyone. I don't think we will get back up there for a while, since we will Lord willing, soon be a family of 5 not 4 and the boys will no longer be free to fly.

Speaking of them being free to fly, I cannot believe they are almost two. It really boggles my mind. They are growing up so fast and say so many cute things lately. Today they learned the phrase "I got you" (typically what I say after catching one of them), and chased each other around saying that over and over and over again. It was adorable. They definitely have their cute moments (like today when we were at the DMV and they cuddled in the stroller), but the Lord really reminds me that it is all Him and nothing of me if I get any pride in that. I think battling pride in this area will be a long term battle...

We also bought a 'house'. I put house in quotes because right now it is more of a structure, not really a house, it needs a lot of work. Thankfully my father in-law is down here right now helping my husband make the necessary repairs. Since it is a small house, many of these repairs won't take too long, but there are some somewhat major things that need to be done prior to moving in. Either way, we are excited, but busy because of this! It's also awesome to have a place we can call 'home'. We have rented our entire married life and haven't had liberty to paint the rooms the way we want to or really even decorate the way we want to, so this is exciting!

If you are wondering where current pictures are...they are still on my/my husbands camera. I haven't really been terribly motivated to get them off the camera and I honestly am not entirely sure where the camera cord is. Since we knew we'd only be in our current place short term, we did not unpack everything and I'm not sure if it was unpacked and if so where it is located. Good news is we will hopefully move into the above mentioned house by the end of the month and I'll be able to find it (and everything else!) by then.

Last thought on my mind is about our church. It's a tiny little place, that exists only because of God's mercy to us. I am so grateful to Him for planting this church and making it a reality...and I am so excited to see what He will do with us in the future. When we first moved here I was pretty hesitant about everything, but it has been amazing to see God provide not only for our needs here but also for our churches needs. This has definitely pushed me way out of my comfort zone many many times (and still does pretty regularly), but it is exciting to see the Lord work!


Annie said...

So glad eveyone is fine and that all of you are having a great time.

Take care

Have a great week.

KimnSteve said...

It sounds like everyone is healthy! And how wonderful it will be to bring your new little one home to your first real house!

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