Prayer Request

Sadly, Pequena has died. Please pray for those who cared for her as well as the other children at the center as Erin explains to them why she is not returning.


Some of you who follow our blog have been blessed (as we have) by knowing Courtney. For those of you who don't know about her, she was one of our favorite nurses in the NICU and has kept in touch with us since we were discharged.

Courtney with LT back in August 2008

In the fall of 2008 she was able to go visit a good friend of hers ministering in Mozambique. Because of this we began to follow Erin's blog. Erin works at a children's center caring for sick children under the age of 5. Many of the children come in severely malnourished and sometimes suffer from HIV as well as other complications. This past year has been especially hard on her as 2 of the young ones have died. Yesterday, another baby got very sick. You can read all about what is going on over there here ( Please lift her up in prayer as she goes about the Lord's work over there.


Courtney said...

thanks for posting this!! i miss you guys!

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