26 weeks and counting...

I cannot believe we are already 26 weeks along. Just to think, that with the boys we delivered 6 weeks from now! It's going so so fast. Although I'm sure once the summer heat hits (it gets HOT where we live) I may not be thinking it's going so fast! Anyway, Baby Girl is doing well and growing. We had our 25 week appointment last week and everything checked out perfect! This is super exciting for us, because by this point in our last pregnancy I was beginning to swell and having pretty consistent contractions. But this time the only thing I feel is her moving and shaking! We also did the 1 hour glucose test, and since I haven't heard back about it I'm going to assume we passed. Last time we barely failed and had to take the 3 hour one (which we passed just fine), so that is also a huge relief! The doctor also mentioned that we get to have another ultrasound done because they couldn't get a picture of her spine (not that they think anything is wrong, everything else looked great!). We are excited to see her again. :) It's strange not seeing her all the time like we did with the boys, so it'll be good to see her again.

The rest of our family is doing pretty good. Hubby is busy getting his clinicals done so that he can get an EMT license. God has been so good to us in providing since we have been out of the military. He also found a part-time job as a substitute teacher and his orientation is tomorrow...so, he will start that up on Monday! The boys are doing alright. They are busy learning about the world and exploring everything. Unfortunately LT had another case of pneumonia last weekend and BP had another ear infection, so we have had 2 more specialists added to our list to visit. However, the pediatrician is fairly certain that it is a immune deficiency causing all of these illnesses, but we can't get into the immunologist till the end of next month. Till then, the hope is to maintain and keep them from getting sick again. Seriously though, they are amazing kiddos. Super tough, very sweet, and tons of fun. Their latest thing is to talk to their sister. They love kissing the belly (which is ever expanding) and saying "Hi baby!".


Annie said...

I'm so happy that everything is fine with baby girl. God is amazing and he don't forget his sons, so he will provide for your family.

Hope the boys feel better.

Courtney said...

cant believe your 26 weeks!!! i miss you guys... tell the boys I say hey!!

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