From our time in MN...the picture is from the driveway at my parents house. They had an amazing amount of was almost as tall as me!

The boys had a love/hate relationship with the snow. They had a blast at first, but as soon as they realized it was cold, they wanted inside. It was pretty cute to watch!
Life is moving along pretty good down here. The Lord has been very gracious to us in helping us settle into life down here. Although none of our belongings from Hawaii have arrived yet, the Lord has provided us with all the necessities. It definitely serves as a confirmation that this is where we are supposed to be. I'm sure in the future we will have ups and downs, but for now, we are just excited to see what He will do out here!


Annie said...

Still there is snow!!!

Have a wonderful week.

Jamie said...

Wow...That is a lot of SNOW!!! I cannot imagine! Maybe over time the boys will learn to like the snow...I think snowballs are definitely in their future!!

Congrats on the Girl!!! The Lord is so Good!!!

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