Good...but confusing!

Well, before I even get into the title, we made it to our new home! We arrived here on Tuesday afternoon, got our apartment (a 3 month lease till we can find something bigger for our growing family!), and have been getting to know the people at the church here. It has been a real blessing getting to know them and we are super excited to see the Lord work out here! We don't know what He has in store for us, but we are waiting and praying He would work here.

Yesterday we finally got the results back of the genetic testing that they did on the boys about 5 weeks ago and everything is normal! Which is wonderful! We are so happy and excited. It's kinda confusing though because now the doctors are left trying to figure out what is/was wrong. Right now though, since the boys are doing great they are going to just let them be and not order any more testing!

Lastly, since I haven't posted a picture in a LONG time, here's one of my favorites from our time visiting my grandma in Minnesota. It was awesome to be able to spend some time with her before heading out on our way.

LT and Great-Grandma


Annie said...

Yeah, is great to read that now you are home.

Beautiful picture.

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