We are in snow country and somewhat enjoying it. The boys don't really like it (in fact, I'd dare to say that LT hates it), but we are still trying to get them out as much as possible. As usual we are super busy, with my husband searching for a new job (yay for being out of the military), classes, moving out of Hawaii (seriously, why did we leave in FEBRUARY!?!?), and the kiddos still battling whatever illness it is that they have.

So, a brief scoop on the kiddos. We have cystic fibrosis in our family history (a very mild and liveable case of it), but with the way the kiddos were behaving, the doctors decided to test them for it. All the result keep coming back mixed. For example, the common sweat test came back negative (good), but the CT scan of their sinuses came back very abnormal (bad); the vitamin absorption test came back negative (good), but the bacterial test came back positive (bad). Either way, the doctors think something is going on, they just don't know what yet. As one doctor put it they are still piecing together a rather confusing puzzle. The next set of tests will be a CT scan of their chests as well as a bronchioscopy. Unfortunately to do those they have to be sedated and since they are still coughing/runny noses we have to wait until they are healthy. Right now they are on 2 medications, and they just finished a third. It seems to be helping, but since they are on so many meds, it's hard to know which one is healing them. Thankfully though we have awesome doctors who really are looking out for the boys...their goal (and the reason the boys are on so many meds) is to keep the boys healthy during our entire visit in MN.

Lastly, my external hard drive lost all of my pictures, so for now we are picture free. Hopefully we can recover those and that'll change quickly! Oh and the pregnancy is going well...we are now 17.5 weeks and progressing nicely!


Annie said...

I'm a little lost, are you in USA or still in Hawaii (told you I'm very lost and trying to catch up).

Hope the kids feel better.

Hope you recover all the pictures.

Have a wonderful weekend.

KimnSteve said...

Praying for answers and healing soon! Are you planning to stay in MN? It would be nice to meet you and have you be a part of our multiples club, MVMOMs!

KJ said...

Hi Annie!
We are still in MN...and we won't be going back to Hawaii anymore. :( My husband is done with the military, so we don't have any good reason to stay there anymore. Hope all is well!


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