Such silly boys...

Yesterday I snapped this somewhat blurry, though very telling picture of the boys. Every day we do a nightly devotion with them; we sing with them, read to them out of a children's Bible story book, and then read a little of the Bible. I took this right before we started, as they settled in. LT was compliant, as typical, and BP was all over the place!
I always have thought my kids to be somewhat creative, I mean what mom doesn't? But today BP took it to a new, though very cute, level. Can you guess what he's doing with his boot?

Yup, that's right, he put his sippy cup in it and was using it to drink out of. Guess he thought it would insulate his water and keep it cool!

Lastly, we had our OB today for baby #3 and he/she is doing great! My blood pressure is stable so far (huge relief after last pregnancy) and things are looking good!


Annie said...

Your boys are adorable. The pictures are great.

I realized that you add the follow botton. Here I'm going.

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