Insane Week

This week has been absolutely crazy. It actually all started last week, when LT started waking up in the middle of the night having a tough time breathing. It would always resolve itself though after about 5 minutes of sitting upright. On Saturday and Sunday night we started checking his oxygen saturation levels after he would fall asleep (yes we own a pulse oximeter, and we are very grateful for it now!) and noticed he was stating pretty mid to upper 80's. We debated bringing him in because he always resolved it by sitting up, but after several days of this we made an appointment to over at the pediatrics clinic. At first, LT looked like his normal self, running around, impressing the intern with how cute he was. After the attending came in to check him out though, the tone quickly changed. He did have poor breath sounds and crackles in his lungs, so off we went to xray. By the time we got back to the pediatric clinic, they had already called up to the ward to get us a room, at least for the night. They were concerned about the fact that he had a hard time at night and wanted to see if they could replicate it. First though, they attempted to get an IV started and blood drawn....three attempts later and they gave up. Up to the pediatric ward we went. The doctors were pretty confident that we would only be there for 24 hours of monitoring. We fed LT, said goodbye to Daddy and BP, and I put him down for a nap (keep in mind we started all this at 11:30 AM and it was 2:30 PM by the time he went down). Within minutes he was asleep, so the nurse put his pulse oximeter monitoring system on (much easier to do while he is sleeping) and watched his oxygen levels plummet within 5 minutes to the low 80's. Unfortunately, they had to wake him up to put oxygen on him, but I was so glad we brought him in. During his nap, lab results came in showing he had Flu B. They quickly started him on Tamiflu, as well as brother (who was beginning to develop a cough). As the week progressed he very very slowly made progress, but eventually on Thursday morning was weaned from oxygen and allowed to go home on Friday. But that is just part of the story.

See, this week was also moving week for us. I had planned on cleaning one room at a time, starting on Monday after the boys went down for their nap. Because I never got to go home on Monday (I stayed with LT the whole time at the hospital), poor husband was left trying to clear the Army, pack the house, clean the house, and care for BP who was getting sicker every day. On Wednesday night, after a long night cleaning, my husband notices BP is having a tough time breathing now too. So, at 1 Am he calls me to let me know he is on the way to the hospital with BP. Once he arrives BP is still short of breath, but doing OK. We get a chest xray, and a few swabs to test for Flu and RSV. Thankfully his chest xray was pretty clear, but his swabs came back negative for Flu and positive for RSV. Seriously. How they managed to get two fairly contagious viruses and not pass them to each other is beyond me. After a nebulizer treatment, BP's oxygen levels improved enough to where they could send him home. At 5:45 AM. My poor husband managed to catch a few hours of sleep up in the room with LT while I was down with BP, but that was it and it was going to be a busy day! The movers came at 9 AM and packed up the house and left around 3 PM. Then, my husband and several wonderful members of our church cleaned our house till 9:30 PM. Thankfully he was able to get some sleep that night, and LT came home that night.

Now, we are living in a hotel on base until we fly out next week. We were supposed to head off to Kauai on Tuesday, but the doctors don't want either LT or BP to fly so we are going to hang out in Oahu for a week. Although it's been a tough week and my husband isn't able to give me the birthday gift he wanted to, I got what I wanted. I have my whole family here again. So, while this isn't an ideal birthday (who wants to spend it wiping snot from their child's face?) I am grateful they both are at home and we are able to wipe the snot from their faces!

Pictures of this week and last to come later....


Annie said...

So sorry, but Thanks God they are recovering. Take care, praying for all of you.

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