Two Tough Cookies

The twins never cease to surprise me. They are incredibly tough. Like when LT didn't cry when they drew his blood or when BP somehow hit his head on something and now has a bit of a black eye and never cried. Seriously tough kids. Right now they are showing us how tough they are by battling Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). For those of you who don't know RSV is generally just a common cold in adults and healthy older children. In young children, especially those who were premature or have other health issues, it can lead to serious complications such as bronchitis and pneumonia. Last week BP tested positive for RSV, but we were hopeful that since we had been sick for a whole month that he was at the end of the cycle (since they never tested him for anything last month). Unfortunately now he is becoming more and more symptomatic and big brother is following suit. But here's what amazes me, even with this they are generally happy babies. Not as happy as they normally would be, but still chugging right along. I probably shouldn't be surprised anymore, but I know if I felt as sick as they are, I probably wouldn't get out of bed!

So out of all of this comes a question, because them being tough definitely is a mixed blessing. The problem arises when we go to the doctor and are unable to see our primary care doctor (we are at a teaching hospital and our doctor sometimes is on rotations elsewhere) and the doctor we do see doesn't think the boys are acting that sick. We often get pushed away and told to come back if they get sicker. And then they get REALLY sick. We want to make sure our kids get the care they need, but we don't want to push for unnecessary tests. Any advice or thoughts on this?

Lastly, here are some pics from our new place! We have a small two bed, one bath, apartment, but we love it! I'll start with the nursery today!

The Cribs (we are using portable cribs until we get back to the mainland. It was easier than shipping their cribs out here).

Sweet sign from a friend.

Looking out from the back of the boys room.

The bookshelf and wall.

The back wall and window.


Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

Wow, I am SOOOO behind on blog reading. I am so happy that your husband is home. Hallellujah!! I am also equally sorry that you are dealing with RSV. Did your Dr. recommend Synagis injections in order to prevent RSV? We got them for two years. This is the first season when they will not have them. As far as pushing for necessary tests: A dr. shouldn't be basing their diagnosis on how the child is acting necessarily. I would think that they would go more on the testing, etc. I hope you find a solution and that they get through the RSV soon. I'll say a prayer! :)

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