Have you ever noticed that you don't really realize how dirty things are until they have been cleaned? I was thinking about this the other day as I was cleaning my floor to ceiling slat (anyone whose ever been to Hawaii knows what I'm talking about..they are so hard to clean) windows in our room. You see, for a few days (alright, maybe more like a week) I've been putting off cleaning them. I mean, they weren't that dirty, or at least it didn't look that dirty. And that was the key, as I soon found out. Slat after slat, row after row, and many many paper towels later, it was really beginning to sink in how dirty it was. And that got me to thinking, isn't it the same way with our sin and God cleansing us from it? To us, at first, it doesn't seem that bad. Until we know Him. Until we see the severity and gravity of it all, and see His beauty and righteousness. And then, our sin becomes dirty, and we flee to the foot of the cross, where we can be cleansed.

And yes, my windows are now clean. Almost as clean as this:
Which if you are wondering is our once full to the brim (seriously, I was afraid to open it), now completely empty storage space. Which means we are completely moved into our new place! *HURRAH* However, no pictures to be posted until my husband can see it first hand. :)


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