Not me Monday! And some video...

This past month has been...well chaotic. Hence, the lack of substantial posts and the increase in just picture posts! But, now, I've got a few weeks of 'Not Me Mondays' to catch up here's some of the top ones...

We are pretty big health nuts in this house. My mom is a crazy runner, my dad works out regularly, and I run too. We also really watch what we eat. So, when I didn't like the carrot cake icing, I definitely did not let my child try it. And when he liked it, I definitely did not give him more. Nope, not me.

Life with the twins is BUSY! My two little men are crawling, trying to walk, and just plain busy. I do try my best to keep my eyes on them 24/7, but sometimes they just managed to get away from me. I definitely didn't catch one of them eating their own poop. And while I was laughing/running over to stop him and he was gagging, he definitely didn't go back for seconds. After all that I definitely did not hand him off for a bath to my mom. I mean, who would do that?

The boys are now table food eaters...for the most part. They aren't very picky (thank goodness), but they do have their favorites. Recently we've had tons of guests in the house and have ventured out to restaurants a few times now. I definitely did not let them try a cheese quesedilla and when they threw it all over the floor, I definitely did not think, "well at least my two created a smaller mess then their (insert family to the left of us) one". Nope, why would I think that?

Well, this may be my favorite video so far. The boys have gotten some great gifts for their birthday and this is one of them. Yes, the video shows one baby pushing another. Already learning to share and help each other out! *YAY*


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