Moving, again.

Yup, it's time for me to start packing up again. For those who are wondering this is the 3rd move in under 1 year (I suppose you could say 4th if you include bringing the boys home from the NICU...we practically did move into there). Anyway, we are heading back to where we started which is wonderful and exciting, but sad also. It is going to be wonderful to have my husband back, to be a family again, and for the boys to have their Dada. But, I will miss the times I've had with my mom and family. I feel so privileged to have had these last few months with them. To have my dad around 24/7 has been great. And I love watching him bond with his grandbabies. And what girl doesn't enjoy having a bit of time with her mom. It's really been a blessing to hang out with her at night after she's done working and for the boys to get to know her. It'll be a big change to be back out in Hawaii, but I know it'll be good! Now, if everything could just magically pack itself, get over there, find us a car, and move into a place yet to be determined. Did I mention I'm moving in 2 weeks!?!?!?


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