Fathers Day

So, tomorrow is fathers day. I've been so blessed to have a dad who has been involved in my life; pushed me to do the best I can, been patient with me, and taught me a lot. But most of all, he's shown me love AND set a high example for what a husband should be. But, my husband goes above and beyond anything I could have imagined. It is very tough right now, but he is always trying to find ways to connect with us.

Me and my dad at my graduation

My husband and I met back in high school...he was the boy next door and I thought he was the cutest guy I knew. Though we dated for a long time, it wasn't right and we broke up. We always stayed in touch though and through God's mercy we were engaged in the summer of 2007. I am amazed at all God has done in our lives and am excited to see what else He will do. Anyway, we were married November 17th, 2007, a week after he returned from his first tour in the desert. We always knew we would probably face another deployment, but we also really wanted to start a family.

Our wedding day

Within a month of being married we discovered we were pregnant and our due day was August 16 2008, one day short of our 9 month wedding anniversary. Our pregnancy was tough; I was sick almost the entire first trimester, but my husband was by my side throughout the entire thing. I particularly remember one night when my husband ran out to Walmart to pick up some 7 up at 3 AM in hopes that it would help my upset stomach (I had been puking since 11 PM). As we progressed we discovered we were carrying twins and he became even more helpful. Often he would rub my feet (they were ENORMOUS) and give me as many back rubs.

Vacation on the big island of Hawaii

The boys were born June 26th, 2008, eight weeks early. My husband instantly jumped into fatherhood with joy and honestly, slightly afraid. The boys were so small, so fragile, and needed so much care, but he was there as often as he could be, changing diapers, burping, entertaining, and bonding with his boys.

The whole family

Unfortunately our time with my husband was cut short due to his second deployment to the Mideast. He left us in October, 2008, but continues to be a large part of our lives. He does everything that he can to connect with the boys and myself. He calls us daily, records himself reading to the boys, and prays for us. It's so awesome to watch the boys and him bond...though there are thousands of miles between us. Every time he's on the computer the boys crawl all over me trying to see him and talk to him. When he's on the cell phone they grab for the phone and say 'dada' (to be honest, I think they may think the phone and computer are called 'dada' but it is still so sweet to watch). My husband came back for two weeks and the boys loved loved LOVED the time with him. I think they needed a little more testosterone then I can provide ;) . Dada 'wrestled' with them, played airplane, and kissed them every night before bed.

My boys

Sweetie, even though you've been so far away, thank you for all of your love, support, and help. You've been so present and it just makes me look forward to having you at home. Your such a great dad...and I am privileged to have you as my husband and the boys to have you as dad. Keep doing the amazing work out there and know that you are loved and missed back here.

The family out for a walk


Lani said...

Thanks for participating today! You husband sounds like an amazing man. I think it's so sweet that he reads to them, even from so far away:)

Jackie said...

:) Not only is he an amazing father, but you are truely an amazing woman!!! :)

The Q family said...

How sweet. My husband and dad are in the military as well, I know how hard deployments are. Your family will be in my prayers!

Jeremi said...

Hey, tell your hubby 'thanks' for all he does for our country!! And the same to you, for being a supportive military wife.


Keith and Jamie said...

totally CRYING! This post is so sweet, and I am so glad that HE won the MoMs Father of the Year award!! Thanks to him, I still have freedom! Thanks to you...for allowing him to protect me and my twins! You are a strong and AWESOME woman, and a ROCK STAR mama! May God Bless and Keep you!

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