Best Buddies

I love having twins...they are such good friends and even are playing together. Today they were being exceptionally cute when we went out for our morning run. A few months ago some of my Rose friends got together and got us a running stroller. It's a double wide, so we don't use it for much else besides walks and running, but it is awesome for that. Anyway, the boys were sitting next to each other, laying back (so they couldn't see each other), but they were playing 'footsie'. And not just that, but every time they touched each other they started laughing. Absolutely adorable. And it makes the run MUCH easier! So sweet.


Becky @ Our Sweet Peas said...

I found you on the Multiples blog and wanted to say HI! I have 25 month old boys and it is a blast I have to say. I had to laugh at your post b/c today I had the boys in the jogging stroller for a long walk and I had to break up a few fights. Thankfully, they do well most days.

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