Not me Monday!

I love how creative my kids are...I know I've said it before, but I really love seeing them explore the world and take in new things.  But, I know I do need to set limits, for their safety and for the preservation of our stuff.  So I most definitely did NOT let the kiddos smash my keyboard until one of the keys came off.  And I most certainly did not let them do that twice!

The weather down here has been BEAUTIFUL!  I mean, gorgeous, wonderful, and we have spent as much time outside as possible.  One of our favorite things to do is to take a bucket of toys outside to the front yard, sit on a blanket and play!  It is so hard though with the two of them, keeping them from going every which way.  The boys really like dandelions; I think it's the bright colors and contrast.  But I have to be careful, I really don't let them eat them.  And I especially don't make them smaller so that they can eat them!

Things are so busy right now, we have the big move up north in a few days (like 4) and the house is still a little chaotic.  So I definitely didn't drop everything on Friday and take a mini vacation to Milwaukee to visit my sister...


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