They are now three.
Who would have thought three years would fly by this fast. I remember them like this.

And now, well they are like this.

What amazes me most about these past three years with them is not them, but how God has worked in them and through them. In them in literally answering prayers that their bodies would heal and grow. Through them in teaching me so many big and little lessons. The past two years I've posted about them on their birthday...this year (though it's a little late...) I feel led to post about the things God has done for them on their birthday. Part of this is for them, so that when they are older they see that God has been answering prayers about them for years and part for me, so that I don't forget the works of the Lord (I shall remember the deeds of the LORD; Surely I will remember Your wonders of old." - Psalm 77:11).

  • The Lord's kind mercy when we found out that we were carrying twins and that they had developed "perfectly". Especially important was that they were in separate sacks. We were so thankful to have a "low risk" set of identical twins.
  • Boys you were almost born at 26 weeks, which would have been a much longer and harder road in the NICU. A friend and I were traveling along the North Shore and got rear ended. Though the accident was minor, it did cause contractions to start. Praise the Lord the labor stopped and we were able to go home that night with you two still growing inside me.
  • Looking back, it was such a mercy of the Lord we went into labor. Though it was early, I was developing very high blood pressure, which could have been dangerous to both the babies and me.
  • BP - The Lord gave you life! Literally. You did not breath for almost a minute and a half. Your Daddy stopped video taping because he did not know if you would make it. But you did and we cherished hearing your cry.
  • LT and BP - the fact that you can hear is a mercy of the Lord. We were told that you would be deaf and have some sort of brain damage due to your high bilirubin levels. But today, though you don't always listen, you hear very well and talk all the time, and as far as we can tell have no brain damage.
  • It is awesome to be able to tell others, especially nurses and doctors who treated you in the NICU, that you have no liver problems. They were all positive that you were going to have liver problems!
  • From about 14-22 months old you both constantly struggled with viruses and infections. LT it landed you in the pediatric ward for a week once and both of you had several trips to the ER. Though not a pleasant experience, the Lord was so kind to us and you in keeping you from more serious infections and hospitalizations. We later discovered that you were considered immune deficient because your IGG levels were low.
  • This past fall the Lord heard the prayers of the saints on your behalf asking for your bodies to be shielded from illness. Amazingly you only got sick twice total this entire flu season. We stand amazed at this fact, though it may seem small to some. We were expecting a year of constant infections and trips to the doctor.
  • It was a mercy on us and a huge answer to prayer this past spring when your IGG levels got into the normal range, meaning you are no longer immune deficient. This happened much quicker then I think anybody expected and we thank the Lord for it.
My boys, we are so thankful to the Lord for what He has done and how He has answered the prayers of many saints who love you both so much. I know I've probably forgotten some of the many ways He has worked specifically in you two, but I hope one day, you will look back on this and see what great mercy God has bestowed on you two and humbly bow your knees before Him. Your Daddy and I are so grateful for you two and pray for you both, that you'd grow into godly young men who love and serve the Lord.


Alex said...

This is an awesome reminder and such great cause to give thanks!

Anonymous said...

They grow up way too fast! God is so good!!

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