Failure. That's probably the best word I can think of to describe how I have felt recently about how well (or poorly) I have been at being a wife. And I don't mean that we are constantly fighting or anything like that...I mean the normal stuff that last year I would have known about my husband, I don't. And I make the mistake of assuming. Which, as I learned in my engineering classes, all assumptions are wrong. Which then leads to 'why isn't he doing (insert x, y, and z thing) and is instead doing (insert whatever other good and helpful thing he is doing)'. After praying about it last night, I opened up my Bible to Proverbs 14 and the very first verse says:

The wise woman builds her house,
But the foolish tears it down with her own hands.

And thus the Lord showed me this was a issue with my heart and behavior and not with my husbands (and he is dealing with his own failed assumptions about me). Instead of building up my husband, I was tearing him down. I was being the foolish woman. Thankfully I serve a Lord who is able not only to forgive me for this, but also to redeem it and work in it for good.

So, instead of moping around the house today about our failures, we thanked the Lord that He is working in this for good and headed off to the beach. Where the boys enjoyed the sand and we saw an awesome manta ray (which came to the surface and was only 20 feet off the shore!).



Annie said...

Praying for your marriage. Everything is going to be fine, don't worry is just time.

Love the pictures of the boys at the beach, so cute.

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